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Earn commissions by letting visitors compare credit cards & bank accounts on your website.

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Credit Card Bank Account White-Label

Compare Credit Cards on Your Website

White label for Credit Cards

Integrate our White label solution on your website

  • Compare the best credit cards in Germany
  • Responsive for mobile and tablet devices
  • Embeddable with a small code snippet
Credit Cards
Credit card

Earn Commissions from Credit Cards

We do the heavy lifting for you. Here is what we take care of:

  • We find credit card benefits & bonuses
  • We keep an eye of possible promotions
  • We provide an user-friendly way of finding the perfect credit card

Compare Bank Accounts on Your Website

White label for Bank Accounts

Overview of Bank Account Conditions - help your visitors find the perfect bank account

  • Compare the best bank accounts in Germany
  • Responsive solution for mobile and tablet devices
  • Embeddable with a small code snippet
Bank Account Comparison
Compare Bank Accounts

Earn Commissions for Bank Account Comparison

You don't need to worry about bank account conditions. We take care of everything for You:

  • We collect all the bank data
  • We regularly update the bank account conditions
  • We provide a modern user interface for comparing bank accounts

The best Finance White-Labels for Affiliates

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Start earning Commissions

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Credit Card Comparison Whitelabel Demo
Credit Card Comparison Whitelabel Demo

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